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E1T1 and Throw To Grow in the News!!

Yesterday, Monday Feb 6, the Honolulu Star Advertiser published an awesome article on Each One Teach One Farms and our Throw To Grow project. Check it out below!

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Throw To Grow Hits $10k + Media Coverage

OMG! Throw To Grow has raised more than $10,000 as of just a few minutes ago. The pledges keep coming in.

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged and gotten us to this point! We’re doing it!!

Throw To Grow has also gotten covered by some awesome newspapers, magazines and blogs. Check out some of our recent press:

THROW TO GROW ON FRANK 151 – Global cutting edge style and culture magazine, Frank151 from NYC covers Throw To Grow and the New Trash Revolution


THROW TO GROW BRINGS BOKASHI BUCKETS TO THE MASSES – Honolulu Pulse, powered by HI’s premier daily print newspaper, Honolulu Star Advertiser.

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Honolulu Pulse Covers Throw To Grow and Bokashi Buckets

Honolulu Pulse, powered by the Star Advertiser Newspaper just published a great article on our Throw To Grow fundraiser and Bokashi composting!


Ever heard of a Bokashi Bucket?

North Shore resident Jim DiCarlo, 31, is hoping to get one in your hands and explain how it works as part of his Throw to Grow Project. It’s all part of his mission to change the way the world thinks about waste.

A Bokashi Bucket is basically an anaerobic composting system which transforms food into rich, gardening soil. You throw food scraps into the bucket, sprinkle with a special “Bokashi mix” (made up of wheat bran infused with microorganisms), seal a lid on tight, and eventually it will all ferment.


View Throw To Grow on Kickstarter and pledge your donation to the New Trash Revolution!

Throw To Grow / Bokashi In The News!

Today, some photos were taken for an article on Bokashi composting and our Throw to Grow food waste recycling project for an upcoming article in the Honolulu Star Advertiser newspaper. Keep a look out here on the site for when the story is published.

This is Dennis Oda. He was the photog shooting for the Star Advertiser article today. Dennis has been shooting photos for the newspaper longer than I’ve been alive. He has seen it all and has got some stories to tell, to say the least. Dennis is a real OG and all around rad guy!

Don’t know about Throw to Grow? Well, Throw To Grow is the beginning of a new trash revolution. Throw To Grow is a food waste recycling pilot project being launched by E1T1 Farms in Hawaii that will implement the innovative Bokashi fermentation method on a large scale to rapidly recycle food waste into good soil in a clean and green way. We need your support to get started. We’re using KICKSTARTER to raise funds. Please watch the video below and go HERE to pledge your donation. We appreciate your support!