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Eddie Huang’s “Fresh Off The Boat” Ep. 1

“Be conscious of what you eat.”

First and foremost, Eddie Huang is a real deal Chinese New Yorker. He’s also a chef, writer and owner of a little hot spot in the Lower East Side of NYC called Baohaus. They serve up these really tasty puffy Chinese taco things. That’s the best I can do to explain it, but they’re scrumpilicious!

Eddie just launched his Fresh Off The Boat video series. In this first ep. he takes a trip to East Oakland and learns a valuable lesson about how meat gets to our plates.

First he goes huntin’ wabbit with the president of The East Bay Rats Motorcyle Club–shot gun in hand. When that doesn’t work they take a bunny the bikers are raising, slit it’s throat then batter and fry it.

Also, check him out in this episode of Vice TV where they tour the tastiest Chinese restaurants in NYC.