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Take Action: Help Hawaii Label GMOs – SB 2279

This is an email I received from Down To Earth. Please make the call to the Hawaii legislators listed below and request that they introduce Senate Bill 2279.

This legislative session, elected officials are considering SB2279, a bill requiring the mandatory labeling of genetically modified fruits and vegetables that are grown in Hawaii, for sale in Hawaii. We need your support to help pass the bill. We have a right to know what’s in our food.

Down to Earth is asking you to join us in calling Sen. Clarence Nishihara, chair of the Agriculture Committee, to schedule the bill for a hearing, pass it, and report it out of committee in time to meet a Feb. 16 deadline to keep this bill moving forward. His contact information is as follows:

Senator Clarence K Nishihara (D – S District 18 Waipahu, Pearl City, Crestview)

Hawaii State Capitor, Room 204

Phone: 808.586.6970

Fax: 808.586.6879



GMO Bills in Hawaii: Call to Action

I got this email from the Organic Consumers Fund in regards to House Bill 2101 which prohibits the sale of GE fish or GE fish products in the sale of Hawaii without being properly labeled. Please call Gil Riviere TODAY!

Hi Jim!

We have a chance to get bills for GMO labels passed in HI, but we must act fast! I’m writing you today because your state legislator is on a committee that could hold hearings on HB 2101, a bill to label genetically engineered fish.

Please call Rep. Gil Riviere at (808) 586-6380 today to ask for a hearing for HB 2101!

Click here to take action and share this link with everyone you know in HI:

Learn more about HB 2101:

Want to learn more about why we need labels on genetically engineered food? Click here:


Alexis Baden-Mayer
Political Director
Organic Consumers Fund

Throw To Grow Hits $10k + Media Coverage

OMG! Throw To Grow has raised more than $10,000 as of just a few minutes ago. The pledges keep coming in.

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged and gotten us to this point! We’re doing it!!

Throw To Grow has also gotten covered by some awesome newspapers, magazines and blogs. Check out some of our recent press:

THROW TO GROW ON FRANK 151 – Global cutting edge style and culture magazine, Frank151 from NYC covers Throw To Grow and the New Trash Revolution


THROW TO GROW BRINGS BOKASHI BUCKETS TO THE MASSES – Honolulu Pulse, powered by HI’s premier daily print newspaper, Honolulu Star Advertiser.

CLICK HERE to make your pledge and join the New Trash Revolution

Farm Visit Video: Homestead Poi Farm

A quick video of a recent visit by the Each One Teach One Farms family to Homestead Poi Farm. This beautiful gem is nestled deep in a valley on the east side of the island of Oahu. They grow several varieties of taro and produce some ono (tasty) poi for sale.

TONIGHT! Truck Farm Screening – North Shore

Its going down at Sunset Beach El School Aina Family Night. E1T1 Farms will be there talking “trash” and how to recycle it. Free and open to all. Come join us!

TTG Profile Series: Ep. 1 – Daniel Anthony

E1T1 Farms and our Throw To Grow project are all about the belief that small lifestyle changes can and will have a big impact. Our approach to TTG media is no different.

Throughout the month of October, my good friend / talented film director Nathan Peracciny and I interviewed and documented 14 extraordinary individuals that are leading the sustainability and food movements in Hawaii. These people are being the change they want to see and activating others to make not only Hawaii, but also the world a better place. We thought it was important to tell their stories, and are humbled to have the opportunity to do so.

Over the next few weeks Throw To Grow will be releasing their episodes.

In the first installment of the TTG’s Profile series, we introduce you to Daniel Anthony, co-founder of Mana Ai. Daniel hand-pounds Kalo (Taro) with pre-contact, traditional Hawai’ian practices to make pa‘i ‘ai (pounded taro with water not yet added) and poi (pounded taro with water added). Mana Ai uses education, art, and food to sustain and share Hawai’ian culture. Check out: .

I could write more about how amazing, passionate, and badass Daniel is, but I would rather let the video speak for itself. WATCH IT HERE.

My GMO Labeling Testimony to HNL City Council

Yesterday, I spent about 6-7 hours down at Honolulu Hale waiting to give my verbal testimony supporting a proposed amendment to the Hawaii State Association of Counties that would require labeling on genetically modified foods (GMOs) in Hawaii. Below is my testimony.

An unprecedented amount of people came out and gave clear, thoughtful and emotional testimony in support of this amendment. It was encouraging to see, and rightfully so. Every major poll reveals that Americans want to know if they are eating GMO. Unfortunately, HNL City Council voted NOT to include the amended version.

If you don’t already know, Hawaii is ground zero for GM crop testing and production. Four of the top biotech companies have facilities here. Needless to say, these mega multi-national corporations have been lobbying, buying and selling Hawaii’s politicians from the day they came here in the 70s. It’s obvious who are politicians work for. Continue reading