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Now Get a Custom painted Bokashi Bucket When You Throw To Grow

We are excited to add a new pledge tier to our Throw To Grow Kickstarter campaign! Now, when you pledge $350 or more to Throw To Grow, you can pick one of the six hand painted Bokashi Buckets from the Throw To Grow Art Show.

There are only 6 of these awesome Bokashi Buckets available, so it’s first come first serve. Be sure to select this reward when you make your pledge. We will contact you when you pledge this amount to find out which artist you want to select. Paintings from some of these artists sell in the thousands, so this is a great value.

Check out pics of the custom Bokashi Buckets below.

Visit the Throw To Grow Kickstarter and make your pledge now.

In addition to the hand-painted Bokashi Bucket that you select, you will also receive the following when you pledge $350 or more:

  • A personal “Thank You” shout out sent via our Facebook and Twitter.
  • A reusable shopping bag with the stylish Throw To Grow logo on it OR a 10lb bag of soil we make.
  • Throw To Grow logo t-shirt, designed by Joseph Paahana from UVAV
  • Bokashi Bucket kitchen composting system.
  • An extra 20lb bag of Bokashi Activator Mix.

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Throw to Grow Art Show Recap

Big thanks to all who came out and supported the Throw To Grow Art Show this past Friday at Fresh Cafe. Mahalo to the incredible artists that painted the Bokashi Buckets. They look siiiick! You will soon be able to get one of these beauties by pledging a donation to the Throw To Grow KICKSTARTER. The new reward tier will be up in a day or so…1st come 1st served, so keep an eye out. Also, thank you to Paul Izak, Roothub and Dieter Runge’s band Alice Neel for the good tunes all night. We had a blast! Check the flicks below. Honolulu PULSE was there too shooting photos. You can find their coverage of the event HERE.

Kaboe and Sunny Phono’s Bokashi Buckets arrive to Fresh Cafe from LA just in the nick of time.

Kaboe’s Bokashi Bucket

Kumi and Kelly showing off Dieter Runge’s Bokashi Bucket.

(L to R) Kaboe, Patrick Parker, B3@k, Dieter Runge, Sunny Phono

Patrick Parker

Taylor (Alice Neel Band) & Paul Izak

The lovely Rea Fox and Jim DiCarlo (E1T1 Farms)

Bother’s Boashi Bucket – The chef is cooking up Nato, a fermented bean to tie in with Bokashi fermentation going on inside the bucket. Great concept and awesome artwork!

Dieter and friends.

Roothub’s music is amazing. If you don’t know, go check him at

Artist, Patrick Parker w/his Bokashi Bucket

Jim Dicarlo and friend, Steve Kiser.

Alice Neel band

Throw To Grow Art Show

Please join tonight us tonight for the Throw To Grow Group Art Show at Fresh Cafe from 7p-10p. Live music, awesome art and great people!

As part of the Throw To Go fundraiser for a Bokashi-powered food waste recycling pilot, we got a few top local artists to turn Bokashi Buckets into works of art. Check out Patrick Parker’s bucket below! The buckets will be unveiled tonight. After tonight, you will be able to get one of these beauties by pledging a donation to theThrow To Grow KICKSTARTER.