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New Video: Burying Your Bokashi Bucket Indoors?!

I made this quick video in response to a question I received via email from Sean in Hong Kong. He doesn’t have a yard to bury his Bokashi Bucket or an outdoor space to place a bin. Sean wanted to know about out burying the fermented food waste from his Bokashi Bucket inside his apartment using an enclosed bin. Check out the video to learn more!


Throw To Grow Hits $10k + Media Coverage

OMG! Throw To Grow has raised more than $10,000 as of just a few minutes ago. The pledges keep coming in.

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged and gotten us to this point! We’re doing it!!

Throw To Grow has also gotten covered by some awesome newspapers, magazines and blogs. Check out some of our recent press:

THROW TO GROW ON FRANK 151 – Global cutting edge style and culture magazine, Frank151 from NYC covers Throw To Grow and the New Trash Revolution


THROW TO GROW BRINGS BOKASHI BUCKETS TO THE MASSES – Honolulu Pulse, powered by HI’s premier daily print newspaper, Honolulu Star Advertiser.

CLICK HERE to make your pledge and join the New Trash Revolution

Throw To Grow / Bokashi In The News!

Today, some photos were taken for an article on Bokashi composting and our Throw to Grow food waste recycling project for an upcoming article in the Honolulu Star Advertiser newspaper. Keep a look out here on the site for when the story is published.

This is Dennis Oda. He was the photog shooting for the Star Advertiser article today. Dennis has been shooting photos for the newspaper longer than I’ve been alive. He has seen it all and has got some stories to tell, to say the least. Dennis is a real OG and all around rad guy!

Don’t know about Throw to Grow? Well, Throw To Grow is the beginning of a new trash revolution. Throw To Grow is a food waste recycling pilot project being launched by E1T1 Farms in Hawaii that will implement the innovative Bokashi fermentation method on a large scale to rapidly recycle food waste into good soil in a clean and green way. We need your support to get started. We’re using KICKSTARTER to raise funds. Please watch the video below and go HERE to pledge your donation. We appreciate your support!

$40 Bokashi Buckets! Merry Christmas!!

This weekend only!

Give back to the aina this Holiday season. Bokashi Buckets make great Christmas gifts for your greenie friends and family! This weekend I’m offering them for $40. You have two options to take advantage of this deal.
1. Come to Haleiwa Farmers Market this Sun 12/18 and pick one up.
2. Order online by clicking HERE. Deal will only be active until 12am, Mon 12/19.

Please help E1T1 Farms Throw To Grow

Please CLICK HERE to visit Throw To Grow on KICKSTARTER and donate!

Aloha peeps!

Throw To Grow is a food waste recycling pilot project I intend to launch in Feb., for four months, that will utilize the Bokashi fermentation technology. Essentially, I have designed a scaled-up version of the Bokashi Bucket that can recycle food waste on a commercial level into nutrient-rich organic soil to support local, sustainable agriculture.

For this pilot project, I will be working with a handful of larger scale waste generators such as restaurants, schools and supermarkets on Oahu to recycle their food waste using our system. Food waste is a huge environmental problem. As a country, we generate 34 million tons and recycle less than 3% of it. Food waste is now the single largest component of waste in our overflowing landfills. When placed there it becomes extremely toxic to our air, land and waters. 

Bokashi fermentation is an extremely fast, efficient and practical way to recycle all food wastes (including meat & dairy) without any harm to the environment. I believe this is the answer to the problem!
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Workshop + Farm Open House Event Nov 12

I’m stoked to announce E1T1 Farms is teaming up with Aina Food Farm in Haleiwa to present this awesome day of learning, fun, food, music and community.

Aina Food Farm Open House

Date: Saturday November 12 2011

Time: 3pm – 9pm


  • Worm Composting Workshop
  • Bokashi & Building Healthy Soil Workshop
  • Farm Tour
  • Dinner Meal
  • Live Music & Garden Dance Party


Aina Food Farm, Haleiwa – Take Kam. Hwy to McDonald’s in Haleiwa. Turn onto Paalaa Ln. Travel 0.5 mi. Make left onto Aukai Ln. Follow dirt road to the farm on right.

$10 donation | Please RSVP to with number of guests.

Throw To Grow

The New Trash Revolution. An Each One Teach One Farms project launching November 2011

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