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New Video: Burying Your Bokashi Bucket Indoors?!

I made this quick video in response to a question I received via email from Sean in Hong Kong. He doesn’t have a yard to bury his Bokashi Bucket or an outdoor space to place a bin. Sean wanted to know about out burying the fermented food waste from his Bokashi Bucket inside his apartment using an enclosed bin. Check out the video to learn more!


Alternative to Burying Bokashi in the Ground

I made this video in response to an email I received from someone who purchased a Bokashi Bucket from me and had questions about burying their fermented waste in a plastic bin. I address his questions and also discuss more about the alternative of burying your fermented waste in a plastic bin or any other vessel instead of in the ground. This is very helpful if you don’t have the space to bury your waste in the ground.

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