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My GMO Labeling Testimony to HNL City Council

Yesterday, I spent about 6-7 hours down at Honolulu Hale waiting to give my verbal testimony supporting a proposed amendment to the Hawaii State Association of Counties that would require labeling on genetically modified foods (GMOs) in Hawaii. Below is my testimony.

An unprecedented amount of people came out and gave clear, thoughtful and emotional testimony in support of this amendment. It was encouraging to see, and rightfully so. Every major poll reveals that Americans want to know if they are eating GMO. Unfortunately, HNL City Council voted NOT to include the amended version.

If you don’t already know, Hawaii is ground zero for GM crop testing and production. Four of the top biotech companies have facilities here. Needless to say, these mega multi-national corporations have been lobbying, buying and selling Hawaii’s politicians from the day they came here in the 70s. It’s obvious who are politicians work for. Continue reading


Send Monsanto A Message

PAN (Pesticide Action Network) started this action yesterday: inviting anyone to upload a few words, a handwritten note, a photo – telling the Big 6 Pesticide companies  “I WANT OFF THE TOXIC TREADMILL.”

Check out the site: and post your message.

Known as the ‘Big 6’ – Monsanto, Dow, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta and DuPont dominate the global seed, pesticide & ag biotech markets. This handful of corporations control the fate of food & farming by keeping the global food system on a toxic treadmill: pushing one product after another in pursuit of poisoned profits.

Here’s a few examples of messages that have been posted:

Tell the FDA to Label GMO Foods


Have you been eating genetically engineered food?

The truth is, when it comes to genetically engineered foods, there is no labeling requirement. These foods have been altered at the molecular level. They are appearing on supermarket shelves with increasing frequency – in fact, 94 percent of all U.S.-grown soybeans are genetically engineered!

Environmental Working Group thinks this is wrong. You have a right to know what you and your family are eating. That’s why we’ve joined forces with more than 300 organizations to launch the Just Label It campaign and tell the federal Food and Drug Administration that Americans have the right to know when they’re eating genetically engineered food.

Several polls and surveys have found that the vast majority of Americans want genetically engineered foods to be labeled. Many other countries including Japan, Australia, the European Union and even China require labeling of genetically engineered foods. Let’s make sure the FDA gets the message that the U.S. shouldn’t be left behind.

UK Wants More Food Waste Recycling

My comment: It’s great that more people are waking up to the food waste problem. We really cannot continue to send our food waste to the landfills. Diversion and recycling of food waste is key! Bokashi Buckets in all UK homes would be awesome!

Research for Friends of the Earth finds majority of people surveyed want councils to provide separate pickups of leftover food scraps.

The majority of people in the UK do not believe food waste collections are a nuisance and want all councils to provide the service, a survey suggested on Tuesday.

Research for Friends of the Earth revealed that there was strong support for separate pickups of leftover food scraps, especially in areas where the collections were already in place.

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Honolulu Weekly Covers Bokashi Composting

Looks like the bokashi composting is catching on here in Hawaii. Today, The Honolulu Weekly published an article “The Next Compost Craze”, that talks about bokashi composting and how effective it is.

Bokashi! Bokashi! Bokashi! It sounds like a late-night infomercial for a crazy Japanese invention geared toward Midwestern housewives that will change their lives forever. Kind of like the Sobakawa Pillow. And then there’s the fact that a Groupon-like deal on a bokashi composting system from local sustainable-living group Kanu Hawaii sold out in 30 minutes. This can only add to the frenzy, hype and mystery behind bokashi.

Read the full article HERE.

When you’re ready to pick up a system, please  be sure to grab a Bokashi Bucket from Each One Teach One Farms. You’ll be supporting a LOCAL business that makes all its products here in Hawaii. Click HERE to purchase online or get more info. We are currently offering FREE shipping.

BigBelly Self Compacting Trash Cans

Now, here’s a smart ass trash can! Each BigBelly is a bin and compactor in one. By compacting trash on the street, the 32-gallon BigBelly can hold 150 to 200 gallons of trash. The BigBellys are powered by solar panels-they’re entirely off the grid-and send text messages to the city when they’re full, so collection trips are only made when they need to be, instead of requiring a daily drive.

FDA Wants to Outlaw Nearly All Natural NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS

Mike Adams from Natural News reports on the FDA’s new regulatory scheme to literally ban most natural nutritional supplements (ie all superfoods, multivitamins, detox supplement by making companies jump through impossible hoops just to put natural products on the shelves. Only synthetic (non-natural) supplements would be exempt.

IMPORTANT, please read and view all the info, see below on how to take action and share it with your friends and family, facebook, blogs, twitter, etc. This blog post has a lot of info, so you could just pass on the direct link. This is a direct endangerment of  food security. We must fight this government push to control what we put in our bodies, while at the same time making the big pharma companies rich that have lobbied them.



Here are some highlights from the articles:

In the wake of hundreds of dietary supplements recently being outlawed across the EU, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has quietly unleashed a regulatory scheme that, if fully implemented, couldban virtually all dietary supplements in the USA that were formulated after 1994.

The discovery of this new End Game strategy by the FDA to outlaw virtually all dietary supplements comes to us from theAlliance for Natural Health, the leading health freedom non-profit group in America, and the group that consistently reports fact-based information on how the FDA and FTC are squashing health freedom in America.

Every nutritional supplement company will be forced to submit comprehensive NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) documentation for EACH ingredient used in EACH product they currently sell. This will amount tohundreds of thousandsof NDI applications flooding the FDA offices. This is a clever FDA scheme to place a huge burden of research and paperwork on every dietary supplement company in the USA.

Also note:All products made with ingredients that are not APPROVED by the FDA under these new rules will be called ADULTERATED.The FDA has a long history of engaging inarmed raidsagainst companies that it accuses of selling “adulterated” products


In addition to spreading the word, you can help oppose the FDA’s proposed new rules by signing this online petition. Click here for the petition.

Watch Mike Adams discuss this new FDA regulation on the Alex Jones show: