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HI State Gov’t Shuts Down Haleiwa Farmers Market. Puts Up ‘No Trespassing’ Signs

On Friday at 1:30 PM, the office of Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie issued a press release saying the current site of Haleiwa Farmers Market would be shut down immediately and ‘No Trespassing’ signs were put up. This was just 36 hours before market day…well after farmers had picked and prepared their crops to be sold and vendors had prepared their goods for the weekend.

I got the news yesterday. I am in NJ right now taking a break from HI for the summer to check out different  urban and sustainable ag projects happening out here on the mainland. I was upset and disappointed to hear this news. We’ve been working with the state and bending over backwards for the past several months, trying to find a fair resolution. After literally jumping through hoops to meet their requirements for staying on the property, they ordered HFM to cease and desist. This order was met with tremendous criticism from the community and the state was forced to give us time to find a solution or find a new location.The governor had promised HFM that we would not miss a weekend, and the state has been gracious in offering extensions as we take the time to find a suitable new home. But on Friday, without any warning, they just pulled the plug. Continue reading


Save Haleiwa Farmers Market

Yes, the rumors are true! The Hawaii State Dept. of Transportation is trying to shut down our beloved Haleiwa Farmers Market. Apparently the strip of asphalt that houses the market every Sunday morning used to be a roadway entrance to Haleiwa town…13 years ago! In 1993, the bypass road was built, rendering the old roadway a barren strip of unused land…until the opening of HFM just three years ago. Because the strip of land is still on the books as a roadway, and it is illegal to vend from a highway, the DOT is calling foul and telling us to pack our bags. In an act of boldness and careless disregard, these bureaucratic dip sh*ts had the balls to send a cease and desist last week, telling us to shut down within five days. However ,after a massive public outcry and some scathing media reports, they decided to let us stick around for another three weeks and figure it out.

Without HFM, there is a good chance there would be no E1T1 Farms or Bokashi Bucket. The market was my platform to test my new business idea, develop my products and services and build up a customer base. I am so stoked to wake up early Sun mornings and go to the market to talk with people about things I’m extremely passionate aabout. HFM has and still serves as an incubator for mine and other local entrepreneur-run businesses. These are businesses that are growing and employing others in the community. The market has flourished into an important piece in the economic engine of the North Shore, that will negatively impact that machine if it is removed. A move like this will directly impact the lives of our farmers and our ability to have access to locally grown food.

YOU can help save Haleiwa Farmers Market by doing the following:

1. Sign the petition HERE and then share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.

2. Write to our representatives and tell them how you feel.

3. Tell people. Be vocal! Call, email, tweet, write, FB friends and family. Here are some news stories that you can share:

The fishy flap over a farmers’ market – By Howzit Howard (HI News Now)

Rally to Save Haleiwa Farmers Market (Hi News Now video report)

North shore vendors hold breath for uncertain decision in treasured market

3. Come to the market these next two weeks. Now is more important time than ever to show support by coming to the market and shopping there. Let’s show these bureaucrats that we want it to stay right where it is.

Mahalo for your time and support.

GMO Activism in HI Needs Your Help TODAY

HELP is needed! Please Call TODAY!, Feb 7, 10am – 4pm we are asking everyone to go in person or call the phone numbers below. One of these politicians must allow a bill to be heard in their committee, in order for a GMO labeling law to be passed this year.
The 2012 Hawaii State Legislature is only in session January to May .

DEADLINE for the House to hear in the first of THREE committees is Feb 9
PLEASE FLOOD THESE OFFICES WITH YOUR CALLS ON TUES. & POLITELY DEMAND THESE BILLS HAVE HEARINGS! please note the nature of the leg. is that bills get moved to different committees~so things change. This is the best current info we have. Every call gets logged and makes a difference. Hold in your INTENTION that all OF these bills will have a hearing and be supported ❤

Senator Rosalyn Baker~ 808-586-6070
SB 2478 GMO labeling

Senator Clarence Nishihara~ 808-586-6970
SB 2279 GMO labeling whole foods
SB 2891

Senator Carol Fukunaga~ 808- 586-6890
SB 2190 GMO labeling fish

Representative Clift Tsuji~ 808-586-8480
Biotech Legislator of the Year
HB 2031GMO labeling Joint meeting with Health
HB 2101 GMO labeling fish
HB 2746 GMO labeling whole foods

Representative Ryan Yamane Office~ 808-586-6150
HB 2031 GMO labeling Joint meeting with Ag
HB 2034 GMO labeling disclosure Joint meeting with Ag

DO NOT CALL Senator Green 586.9385 regarding SB 2443 and SB 2478. He introduced those bills, so he is obviously supporting them.

Urgent Action Needed: GMO Bills in Hawaii

I know this can be confusing with all these bill numbers in both the House and the Senate, but persevere and let’s make it happen ya’ll. This is a summary of all the bills being presented this session and what you need to do to support the GMO labeling movement in Hawaii.
Several bills to label genetically engineered foods have been introduced in Hawai’i:

So far, none of these bills have been scheduled for a hearing. It’s going to take massive public pressure to get a vote on these bills! Please call and email the state capitol today!


1. Rep. Clift Tsuji, Agriculture, 586-8480
Email (constituents only):

Hello, this is NAME, calling from CITY, I’m calling about four GMO labeling bills that have widespread public support and deserve hearings. HB 2101, 2746, 2031 and 2034.

HB 2101 is a bill to label genetically engineered fish, like the GMO salmon that could be approved any day by the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA found that genetically engineered salmon is less nutritious and more likely to trigger allergies and increase hormones linked to cancer, than normal salmon, but the FDA says it should be approved anyway and not be labeled!

HB 2746 is a bill to label genetically engineered produce, like the GMO papaya, zucchini, squash, and corn that is already being sold without labels in the supermarkets.

HB 2031 and HB 2034 are bills to label all GMO foods, including multi-ingredient processed foods made from GMO corn, soy, cotton, canola, sugar beets and alfalfa, the main GMO crops.

GMO food hasn’t been appropriately tested. Animals fed GMO crops have been found in many studies to develop organ damage, even according to Monsanto’s own data. GMOs are linked to an increase in children’s food allergies. Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready crops have greatly increased the use of RoundUp herbicide, which has been proven to cause birth defects.

We deserve the right to know what we’re eating! Please hold hearings on House Bills 2101, 2746, 2031 and 2034.

2. Sen. Clarence Nishihara, Agriculture, 586-6970
Email (constituents only):

SAMPLE CALL ~ Hello, this is NAME, calling from CITY, I’m calling about SB 2190 & SB 2279.

SB 2190 is a bill to label genetically engineered fish, like the GMO salmon that could be approved any day by the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA found that genetically engineered salmon is less nutritious and more likely to trigger allergies and increase hormones linked to cancer, than normal salmon, but they say it should be approved anyway and not be labeled!

SB 2279 is a bill to label genetically engineered produce, like the GMO papaya, zucchini, squash, and corn that is already being sold without labels in the supermarkets.

We deserve the right to know what we’re eating! Please hold hearings on SB 2190 & SB 2279.

If you’s like to send emails about these bills to your own reps, please click these links:

HB 2031:
HB 2034:
HB 2101:
HB 2746:
SB 2190:
SB 2279:

Take Action: Help Hawaii Label GMOs – SB 2279

This is an email I received from Down To Earth. Please make the call to the Hawaii legislators listed below and request that they introduce Senate Bill 2279.

This legislative session, elected officials are considering SB2279, a bill requiring the mandatory labeling of genetically modified fruits and vegetables that are grown in Hawaii, for sale in Hawaii. We need your support to help pass the bill. We have a right to know what’s in our food.

Down to Earth is asking you to join us in calling Sen. Clarence Nishihara, chair of the Agriculture Committee, to schedule the bill for a hearing, pass it, and report it out of committee in time to meet a Feb. 16 deadline to keep this bill moving forward. His contact information is as follows:

Senator Clarence K Nishihara (D – S District 18 Waipahu, Pearl City, Crestview)

Hawaii State Capitor, Room 204

Phone: 808.586.6970

Fax: 808.586.6879


GMO Bills in Hawaii: Call to Action

I got this email from the Organic Consumers Fund in regards to House Bill 2101 which prohibits the sale of GE fish or GE fish products in the sale of Hawaii without being properly labeled. Please call Gil Riviere TODAY!

Hi Jim!

We have a chance to get bills for GMO labels passed in HI, but we must act fast! I’m writing you today because your state legislator is on a committee that could hold hearings on HB 2101, a bill to label genetically engineered fish.

Please call Rep. Gil Riviere at (808) 586-6380 today to ask for a hearing for HB 2101!

Click here to take action and share this link with everyone you know in HI:

Learn more about HB 2101:

Want to learn more about why we need labels on genetically engineered food? Click here:


Alexis Baden-Mayer
Political Director
Organic Consumers Fund

Please help E1T1 Farms Throw To Grow

Please CLICK HERE to visit Throw To Grow on KICKSTARTER and donate!

Aloha peeps!

Throw To Grow is a food waste recycling pilot project I intend to launch in Feb., for four months, that will utilize the Bokashi fermentation technology. Essentially, I have designed a scaled-up version of the Bokashi Bucket that can recycle food waste on a commercial level into nutrient-rich organic soil to support local, sustainable agriculture.

For this pilot project, I will be working with a handful of larger scale waste generators such as restaurants, schools and supermarkets on Oahu to recycle their food waste using our system. Food waste is a huge environmental problem. As a country, we generate 34 million tons and recycle less than 3% of it. Food waste is now the single largest component of waste in our overflowing landfills. When placed there it becomes extremely toxic to our air, land and waters. 

Bokashi fermentation is an extremely fast, efficient and practical way to recycle all food wastes (including meat & dairy) without any harm to the environment. I believe this is the answer to the problem!
Continue reading