Hi! My name is Jim DiCarlo and thank you for reading this. I started E1T1 Farms in June of 2010. I was inspired to start this company after teaching aquaponics and sustainability to my 7th grade class and witnessing the amazing impact it had on my students and the amount interest generated. The idea came to me then that more people should have access to this information and it should be made easy to understand. I am fiercely passionate about sustainable food production and I believe that everyone one should be able to grow their own clean food. I am here to help you do that! It’s not that hard.

Each One Teach One Farms: Video Profile from nathan m peracciny on Vimeo.

Each One Teach One (E1T1) Farms is a sustainable agriculture and education organization based on the North Shore of Oahu. We offer for sale our Worm Bucket (worm composting system), Bokashi Bucket (bokashi composting systems), organic fertilizers and other products to help you grow bigger, better, and cleaner. E1T1 farms also offers classes and hosts talks/lectures on various sustainable food production topics and systems.
Although Each One Teach One Farms is involved in multiple areas within the realm of sustainable agriculture, education and promotion of modern sustainable farming and gardening practices and green waste management are the central missions of the organization. Each One Teach One Farms specializes in the following:
• Aquaponics
• Vermicomposting (worm composting)
• Bokashi (rapid anaerobic composting)
• Permaculture
• Organic gardening products

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