GMO Activism in HI Needs Your Help TODAY

HELP is needed! Please Call TODAY!, Feb 7, 10am – 4pm we are asking everyone to go in person or call the phone numbers below. One of these politicians must allow a bill to be heard in their committee, in order for a GMO labeling law to be passed this year.
The 2012 Hawaii State Legislature is only in session January to May .

DEADLINE for the House to hear in the first of THREE committees is Feb 9
PLEASE FLOOD THESE OFFICES WITH YOUR CALLS ON TUES. & POLITELY DEMAND THESE BILLS HAVE HEARINGS! please note the nature of the leg. is that bills get moved to different committees~so things change. This is the best current info we have. Every call gets logged and makes a difference. Hold in your INTENTION that all OF these bills will have a hearing and be supported ❤

Senator Rosalyn Baker~ 808-586-6070
SB 2478 GMO labeling

Senator Clarence Nishihara~ 808-586-6970
SB 2279 GMO labeling whole foods
SB 2891

Senator Carol Fukunaga~ 808- 586-6890
SB 2190 GMO labeling fish

Representative Clift Tsuji~ 808-586-8480
Biotech Legislator of the Year
HB 2031GMO labeling Joint meeting with Health
HB 2101 GMO labeling fish
HB 2746 GMO labeling whole foods

Representative Ryan Yamane Office~ 808-586-6150
HB 2031 GMO labeling Joint meeting with Ag
HB 2034 GMO labeling disclosure Joint meeting with Ag

DO NOT CALL Senator Green 586.9385 regarding SB 2443 and SB 2478. He introduced those bills, so he is obviously supporting them.


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  1. Posted by Debora on February 7, 2012 at 11:05 am

    i’ve just called the numbers. thank you! but, i also got schooled by senator green’s office…”I hope he’s in support of it, he introduced it! please let everyone know this is redundant, so our calls here can die down. the focus should be on senator baker’s office.” i stand corrected!!


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