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Aloha peeps!

Throw To Grow is a food waste recycling pilot project I intend to launch in Feb., for four months, that will utilize the Bokashi fermentation technology. Essentially, I have designed a scaled-up version of the Bokashi Bucket that can recycle food waste on a commercial level into nutrient-rich organic soil to support local, sustainable agriculture.

For this pilot project, I will be working with a handful of larger scale waste generators such as restaurants, schools and supermarkets on Oahu to recycle their food waste using our system. Food waste is a huge environmental problem. As a country, we generate 34 million tons and recycle less than 3% of it. Food waste is now the single largest component of waste in our overflowing landfills. When placed there it becomes extremely toxic to our air, land and waters. 

Bokashi fermentation is an extremely fast, efficient and practical way to recycle all food wastes (including meat & dairy) without any harm to the environment. I believe this is the answer to the problem!

How YOU Can Help
We are in desperate need of equipment and supplies to carry out our pilot project. There is also some rather pricey soil analysis that needs to be done in order to prove the science behind the process.

We have launched Throw To Grow on the fundraising site KICKSTARTER.COM. KICKSTARTER is a new way for communities to collaborate on funding creative ideas and ambitious endeavors. Our fundraising goal is $15,000. You can pledge anywhere between $5 and $5,000. When you make a pledge you earn rewards. The catch is that if f we don’t raise our goal of $15,000 within 45 days, we LOSE EVERYTHING. The project just went live Monday and we’re at $1,575 as of today!

STEP ONE: Make a pledge via our KICKSTARTER page. The most effective way for you to help is to donate.

  • Click HERE to go to our KICKSTARTER page or enter this URL:
  • Watch the video.
  • Click “Back This Project” on the right hand side, enter your pledge amount using credit/debit card and choose your reward.
  • Check out! Money will not be charged or debited until and when we reach our goal.

STEP TWO: Spread the word. Sharing via email, your social media networks and blogs helps tremendously.

There is much more info on

Throw To Grow will also be releasing original short movies each week, documenting local pioneers of the sustainability movement here in Hawaii, on

Check the website for updates.


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