Honolulu Weekly Covers Bokashi Composting

Looks like the bokashi composting is catching on here in Hawaii. Today, The Honolulu Weekly published an article “The Next Compost Craze”, that talks about bokashi composting and how effective it is.

Bokashi! Bokashi! Bokashi! It sounds like a late-night infomercial for a crazy Japanese invention geared toward Midwestern housewives that will change their lives forever. Kind of like the Sobakawa Pillow. And then there’s the fact that a Groupon-like deal on a bokashi composting system from local sustainable-living group Kanu Hawaii sold out in 30 minutes. This can only add to the frenzy, hype and mystery behind bokashi.

Read the full article HERE.

When you’re ready to pick up a system, please  be sure to grab a Bokashi Bucket from Each One Teach One Farms. You’ll be supporting a LOCAL business that makes all its products here in Hawaii. Click HERE to purchase online or get more info. We are currently offering FREE shipping.


One response to this post.

  1. This is a really great option for all households, even for those living in multifamily buildings. The kit seems inexpensive and easy to use. Its small size can make it work in most kitchens. Thanks for sharing!


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